Corral Rakes

10 Ft Corral Rake

The 10Ft Corral Rake makes short work of raking and drying the corrals. Easy to hook up to, back up put in the pin and hoses, lift and you are set and ready to go. There are a set of cylinder stop blocks supplied with each rake to adjust the tine pressure. The idea is to break up the manure so it will dry. Not cut into the corral base dirt.

Our new models have replacement tines and if need be you can also replace tine panel for that unfortunate accident. A new panel is less than a new rake.
Simplicity and functionality is the way to go to get the job done.

16' Corral Rake

The 16Ft Corral Rake is a simple unit, designed to cover a lot of pen quick. Fold up and go to another pen without gate and opening problems. Fold out and you are going again. In the folded up position you can go thru and rake under the shades. What more could you ask for ?

The new models have replacement tines and if need be you can replace the tine panels after that unfortunate accident.

This unit also comes with a set of cylinder stop blocks. The idea is to keep the pressure off of the tine and out of the base corral dirt, but get the job done. On the 16Ft Corral Rake you can get a double hydraulic system, if your tractor has 4 couplers. The first valve set controls the wings and the second valve set controls the lift. But you tractor has to have 4 rear auxiliary hydraulic couplers.

Remember, what works best for your Dairy will be the most productive for you. If you ever have questions, just call and we will help in any way we can.