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Portable Platform Scale Rentals

Note: These scales are not legal for trade, just for keeping track of weights.

Our Portable Platform Scales are easy to set-up and to use. When placed on a hard-flat surface they will perform day in and day out even in the roughest situations. The Scale is built heavy-duty and rugged. The ramps are designed to make it easy on for low to the ground equipment. The deck is 5-1/2” tall and is rated for 80,000 lbs. For short moves it is perfect. For long distances, it needs to be trailered for safety in transport. The scale is equipped with running lights.

There is an option of a printer for the scale with a roll tape printer for keeping track of the weights. If an operator is at the scale, he can accumulate the weight and put a unit number into the printout. There is also an option where the driver carries a remote clicker and the driver pushes the button each time a different axel is on the scale. No need to get off and on, what a time saver.

Our Scales are rentable by the day, week or month. The delivery and set up times are extra if you want us to do it for you.

When you need to keep track of the weight on a project, think of us.

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