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Hay Forks

There is a picture of the QD - quick-detach unit. You can see how the unit matches your loader locking mechanism. It has a high backstop to hold the bales in place during transport.

Also, a picture of the medium-duty hay for that attaches to your loader bucket. We sell the kit and you weld the brackets to the top of your loader bucket, and you are ready to go.

This hay fork is the cheapest and the simplest of the hay forks. Before we can sell or ship it to you. You will need you to fill out a print showing the location of all the blade bolts. We will have to make sure the mounting forks miss the blade bolts.

We offer 3 types of loader mounted hay fork assemblies. The biggest and easiest to use is the heavy-duty QD or quick-detach unit designed to fit the quick hitch on your loader. The second hay fork style also attaches and detaches directly from your bucket. All you must do is install the kit on your loader bucket. Our third hayfork is a basic unit. It is made to install over your loader blade. You will have to send us a set of measurements of where the blade bolts are on your bucket. All the units have replaceable fork tines.


Silage Facer

Our silage facer is the quickest and easiet way to break down those big silage piles.

We can make it to fit your loader for quick mount and dismount.

Watch the video and call us with any questions you may have.

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