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Tractor Pushup Blades

It has taken us some time to perfect our pushup blades. Something to think about, It must float up and down with the concrete, then it must float from side to side with the concrete. Some concrete is sloped to drain water away from the bunker. It must be adjustable to compensate again. You must build it light enough for the tractor to carry the weight. It must be heavy enough to be durable, but it can't be so strong that if something is hit by mistake it damages the tractor. It must fold up out of the way to be able to go in and out of gates and close areas. The blade must be set at the right angle to roll the feed but not throw it into the flush lane. The wear blade must be replaceable. There must be options of blade materials for the different customer views. There must be protection from uneven or broken concrete. You must make blocks that help extend the life of the wear blade. Keeping all of that in mind, are you ready to start building your own? Or would you rather purchase one from us, where we have taken all the thinking out of it to do a perfect job for you?

Mounting On A Pattern Tractor?

We can normally mount our pushup blades on just about any tractor but there are a few tractors that they just cannot be mounted to. So, it is always good to check with us before your purchase of a tractor if you are planning to have a blade mounted to it. If you are unsure about which tractor is the best for your application we are here to help answer any questions you may have. Over the years we have encountered a lot of situations, benefit from our experience. If you do plan to purchase a tractor in your area be advised; we must find the exact tractor here to use as a pattern tractor. There is a pattern tractor fee for this to be added to the quoted price. It is best to get a tractor there that has a single set of hydraulic couplers on the back of the tractor.

If you are wanting to mount to a tractor with a cab it is another situation we need to check out before we get too far in the planning stage. Again, Please contact us and let’s be sure before anything is done.

RTV Pushup

The Kubota 6ft Rtv Pushup Blade Is Designed To Bolt Up To The Rvt 900 Series Unit.

The blade needs the basic hydraulic kit with the Kubota Dump Bed. The pivot bracket stays with the RTV itself and the blade and arms detach if you want to use the RTV in tight quarters. The blade is light enough for the RTV to carry around without any problem.

It also will move up and down and end to end as need to contour to the concrete. This is a good touchup unit around the Dairy. Easy to use.

The 6ft pushup blade is easy to detach from the RTV frame with just 4 pins it’s off and with 4 pins it’s on. The front blade is self-leveling to move with the concrete ups and downs and side to side.

The hydraulic on the Kubota RTV can still be unutilized for the dump bed or the front pushup blade with the diverter valve mounted at the rear. Easy to use.

6ft Special pushup blade goes to the up position. During transport, the blade pushes feed to the Right side of the unit to make it more comfortable for the operator.

When you're ready to get a blade for your RTV, Please Give Us A Call.

Front Mount HD Pushup Blades

The Front Mount Pushup Blades over the years has been like anything else. Trial and error also comment from our customers. We started with a single pivot swing ram, but after a while, we felt it was better to go with 2 rams working together. We increased the lift clearance of the blade in front and standardized our production models so we could offer replacement parts for these units, more than just replacement blades. The back panel on the front mount Pushup Blades are made from 3/16 plate and rolled. They also have reinforcement on the bottom for the replacement blade mount and the top for more durable strength. The Front Mount Blade has a built-in “float mechanism” to go over uneven ground to protect the blade from excessive downforce. When it comes time for mounting, we need 2 sets of hydraulic couplers on the tractor to cover the needs of the blade.

The tractor you mount an HD Front Mount Blade on. Needs to be a beefy tractor regardless of the HP. So, when you go to pick a tractor to match your needs if you need questions answered, we are always here to be of assistance.

Mountable On 50hp Tractors

See the details on the large HD front mount pushup blade section. Everything is smaller. This is done, so as not to overload the front of a smaller tractor. The smaller unit will carry a 6ft pushup blade rather than a 7ft blade.

Small HD Front Mount Push up Blades

Mountable On 50hp Tractors

See the details on the large HD front mount pushup blade section, everything is smaller. This is done, so as not to overload the front of a smaller tractor. The smaller unit will carry a 6ft pushup blade rather than a 7ft blade.

Side Mounted Tractor Tire Pushup

If you have rough concrete in your feed mangers this is the pushup for you. It is virtually indestructible and does a good job of pushing in the feed-in rough conditions. You can also look at our 3 Point Tire Pushup to see if it will better meet your needs. If you have further questions, please call.

When we mount a tire pushup to a tractor, we try to size the tire to the tractor. We use 2 common sizes when we build concerning the tractor. The tires are replaceable on these units. A used tire of the same or comparable size will work when the one you get from us is worn out. The pivot tire mount is adjustable for future tires.

The Tire Pushups are not perfect when doing their job. But it is the only choice when the concrete is broken or uneven. The Tire Pushup will even work on a dirt floor. You will need a single set of hydraulic plugs on the tractor you choose.

If you ever need parts for your pushup unit you can go to our parts web page and see what you need and get it ordered quick. We keep all parts in stock for quick turnaround repairs.

Tire Pushup Small 3PT

Smaller tractors do not have the size to carry a big tire on the 3PT hitch and the framework weight to push up feed. So, they need a little help in getting the job done. That is why we have a small tractor frame with gauge wheels to help carry the load and keep the angle right, so the Pushup Tire does a good job. The tire must have the right angle and tilt to do a good job. The hydraulics is simple. The new Quick Attach plate works with the normal Tractor 3point or the Quick Frame that stays on your tractor 3 point. The frames we have are the same as the John Deere Quick Hitch Frame. They both works, easy off, easy on. If you have a small HP Tractor and need a quick fix to push up feed on just about any surface. The tire pushup will do the job.

If you have any questions, please give us a call and we can get one shipped to you soon.

Skid Steer Tire Push Up

New Holland Skid Tire Pushup

The technology is nothing new here. It is just a better design for one piece of equipment to do more. Our thoughts are if you are pushing feed up with a skid steer, they don’t travel very fast, so you must make all the travel counts for something. We have the tire pushup move to both sides. So, if you’re going or coming you can be pushing. The tire pushup is a real versatile unit. It will push up feed on just about any surface. Concrete, broken concrete, dirt. Mangers with holes. Just about indestructible. What more could you want for a Dairy? The tire is a common size you can find at your tire company and they are happy to give them to you to get rid of them. If anything, ever happens, just get another tire and put it on. We install a cross port relief valve on the unit to protect the ram and arm from too much pressure causing possible damage. So, your investment is protected.

If you are interested in our Skid Steer Tire Pushup unit, please give us a call and we will get one made and shipped to you.

Skid Steer Push Ups

This Cat 226 Pushup Blade 7FT

We build our Pushup Blade in a way that once you set the skid steer boom to the right angle you can lift the blade up and down with your hydraulic attachment and never need to move the boom again until you dismount. Saves time and guesswork increases speed and productivity, simple and efficient. The blade does have a built-in float in the blade linkage to go over uneven lanes. It travels up and down freely. The bottom of the blade has 2 wear blocks to increase the life of the blade. The bottom blade is replaceable when it is worn out.

When getting ready to purchase a pushup blade. Give us a call, so we can have an opportunity to answer any questions you may have about our Skid Steer Pushup Blade.

3 Point Mounted Large Tire Mounted Pushup

The Dowdy’s tire 3 point pushup is built to swing out of the way for travel around the Dairy and also allows you to get into tight spots. The hydraulic cylinder swing gives the pushup a real versatility around the Dairy. This 3 Pt tire pushup is recommended to go on a 70hp+ Tractor. The high-profile tire does an awesome job of pushing up large piles of feed. The tire is a common loader tire in the Ag industry and if you can’t find one, we have plenty in stock. The tire pushup comes with our new “quick Detach Hitch”. Allowing you to disconnect from the pushup and use the tractor for other jobs. We have quick detach plates available, so you can add other implements to the quick detach system. Finally, a tire pushup that works every time.

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