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Freestall Rakes / Pushup Blade Rentals

We have a fleet of 5 combo units in our normal stock.
We try to be your freestall and blade backup system.

We always try to keep our units in excellent condition, they are ready to go at a moment’s notice. We have the ability to deliver in a local area.

All of the units are set up with a Freestall Rake on the RH side of the tractor and a 7FT Pushup on the LH side of the tractor. The hydraulic controls are over the RH fender. All of our tractors have Hydrostatic Transmissions. They are easy to drive and no riding of the clutch.

When you call for Rental, you can also have a Freestall Curb & Lane Scraper installed on the tractor 3 point, Or a 7FT Tire Scraper. Usage and set-up Time for the scraper will be added onto the rental bill. This would be a perfect way to find out if one of our units would work for you while your is in the shop.

Rental fees are always by the day. Long term rental agreements can be arranged. The tractors go out with full tanks and will be filled on return if needed. Any damages done during the rental will be fixed on return and billed to you. If you have any other questions, you can ask before delivery.

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