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Portable Platform Scales
Simple / Portable / Easy

Our portable platform scale can go anywhere you need it.

Find a flat piece of concrete or a good hard flat piece of ground and set it up. It will work in any condition if it is flat. Our portable platform scales are not legal for trade but they are accurate and close. The technical term is they are good with-in 1% of the actual weight. But in normal reality, we are closer. Our unit is easy to unfold and easy to set up. There is only one cord from the platform to the indicator. We have integrated the power and the bar signals in one cord and one plug. Our scale is easy to maintain and easy to transport. Anywhere you need to keep track of weights going in and out of situations,  this is the solution. There are options for the indicator to produce a paper trail of record-keeping depending on how complicated you want it to be. Look at some of the options we are offering on our webpage. You won't find a heavier portable scale anywhere else.

Parts and service are always ready and waiting for your call.

When you require a scale for commodities, rock, dirt, things that need to be kept track of. Try our scale on for size and be prepared to get your information quick and accurate.

Stationary Scales
In Ground or Above Ground.

Check our parts web page for part availability for a machine you already have and need parts for or just to check out what will be available for your new purchase and see how easy it will be to identify parts when you order. We always have a large inventory of part for our equipment and competitors too. If you ever have questions, we are only a call away. We have been in this business for 31 years and know a few things about past equipment. Try us sometime.

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